Litesa Wallace is an accomplished researcher, educator and social justice advocate. Her ability to bring together research, anecdotes and even humor allows her to connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Frequent speaking topics include:

Adolescent Ethnic Identity Development

Litesa Wallace helps educators explore the concepts of identity development specifically as it relates to race and ethnicity. Drawing upon research and several years of university teaching, Dr. Wallace will help educators understand the development of our increasingly diverse student populations.

Love is Blind: Recognizing power and oppression in intimate partnerships

Dr. Wallace uses research, counseling theory and her personal story to convey the importance of recognizing the red flags present in abusive relationships. She also emphasizes how to support a loved one who may be in an abusive relationship and how to develop a safety plan.

Inextricably Linked: An exploration of race, gender, and societal perceptions of women of color.

Dr. Wallace explores the fact that women of color do not have the chance or the privilege of choosing race over gender or gender over race; women of color simply exist in a world of duality. This talk will examine power and oppression as women of color experience them.