"Dr. Litesa Wallace is an amazing leader and group facilitator. I have worked with her on numerous projects, meetings, and workshops in the Rockford, Illinois area. Her ability to hear beyond what is being shared verbally and hone into the real message is extremely effective with her audiences. I have witnessed firsthand how she positively impacts those with whom she works through her generosity, authenticity, and advocacy. Additionally, Litesa is a strong, intelligent woman who balances her professional and personal lives with extraordinary care and dedication. Among many other things, Dr. Wallace is a scholar, theorist, educator and practitioner. And, she's my colleague and friend."

~Dr. Amy Diaz
Former: Student Services Administrator at Rock Valley College
Current: Dean of Liberal Arts & Learning Support at GateWay Community College

"I have had the honor to hear Dr. Wallace speak on a number of subjects. Her knowledge is broad, with deep content delivered through a compassionate lenses of equity and social justice. She is a caring leader and advocate, using her voice to guide and advance equity, fairness and social justice. Dr. Wallace is an engaging and motivating presenter, broaching necessary topics, like bias, equity and social justice, honestly and compassionately."

~Ron Clewer, CEO Rockford Housing Authority