Litesa Wallace is a highly experienced educator with a long track record of providing training to a wide variety of organizations. Trainings can based on the results of an Organizational Needs Assessment and custom tailored to your organization. Sending your staff to a conference is often cost prohibitive. On-site training is far more cost effective and is designed specifically for your organization, providing meaningful results.

​Psychology 101 & Law Enforcement

This training is designed to help participants understand to understand basic psychological concepts related subconscious bias. Participants will learn how those concepts apply to their lives and their work as LEOs. The Harvard Implicit Biases test is introduced along with a discussion based on the principles of openness, honesty, and no judgement.

Recognizing and Reducing Implicit Bias in the Classroom

This training is designed to introduce educators, paraprofessionals, and administrators to the concepts related to subconscious bias. A review of the research that explores biases in the classroom will be provided and participants will discuss strategies to reduce bias in the classroom.


Report recommends teachers receive implicit bias training, addresses K-12 inequalities