On-site workshops are perfect for your staff to learn a variety of new strategies and behaviors. Workshops create an intimate learning environment with a high degree of participation. This approach also offers great convenience for your organization and is highly cost effective. Dr. Wallace has a unique ability to tailor a workshop to suit your organization's needs.

Finding Your Way: Uncovering Your Leadership Style

Success in our ever changing world requires a strong sense of self and a dynamic leadership style. Participants will participate in discussion, reflections, and activities meant to help them uncover their own unique leadership style. Sessions specifically designed for women may also be requested.

"Did That Just Happen? Microaggressions & Racial Battle Fatigue: Developing the Language to Combat Racism."

Current social scientific research is used to help participants identify, label and conceptualize how racial microaggressions impact their lives. Audiences are taken on a journey toward renewal and empowerment as they explore what microaggressions are and how to overcome the Racial Battle Fatigue (Smith, W.) associated with experiencing such aggressions.